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Who? What?

Iberico’s own clothing collection has been launched almost five years ago when Katariina Cozmei (previously Albrecht) sewed a woolly horseback riding skirt, fell in love with it and started to wear them daily in the cold Finnish climate where you might face freezing temperatures even in June.  The skirts began to spread to her friends and acquaintances, and after the spring of 2013, Katariina’s little sewing machine has been making for an estimated few hundred pieces and during the last year also from Softshell and Linen. Some of the skirts have gone to the world all the way to Turkey, Malaysia and Australia. During these years hard work has been done on product development and consumer feedback has been heard with a sensitive ear. At present, the collection has two basic designs, with numerous variations with different details such as a pocket or buttons, even a contrasting lining.

The woolen jackets of the Ibericon collection are produced in collaboration with the artisan Essi Kotaviita, from Viita Collection. Design, implementation and sewing of woolen jackets are from Essi. Woolen Jacket is a timeless and versatile garment that fits in a variety of situations. The woolen jacket has a feminine cut, a zipper, side pockets and a high collar that can be sealed up with a zipper. In detail, the beautiful embroideries designed by Katariina in the sleeves.

In addition to the classic jacket, the Winter 2017-2018 collection features two different types of skirts: a functional and simple Basic with a sleek five-meter hem that is keeping you and your horse warm and cosy and a Premium with a slit on the back and front. The back slit can be closed with buttons. Both skirts able maneuvering in every direction that you can do also ice-skating, skiing and riding. The waist band is adjustable with a long Velcro fastening which is practical and safe: the skirt can not remain hanging on any winter sports or riding. The length can be adjusted by putting the skirt slightly above the waist, or turning the waist once around, making the skirt shorter (at the same time ensuring the velcro stays harder) or wrapping the skirt slightly below the almost pelvic area, extending it.

In addition, the collection features an innovative and cool hood – scarf, a woolen belt and a fun and handy carry bag that can be worn on the waist as a belt bag. The pouch can carry for example a smartphone, keys and other important small items. The bag also works as a training treat bag for horses and dogs. The color scheme of the whole collection is harmonious and harmonious – you can style by choosing the same color for the entire set or stand out with different colored accessories.

The colours of the Winter 2017-2018 collection are borrowed from the autumn and winter scenery of the southwestern Finnish forest: moss green, charcoal black, stone grey and wood.

Webshop range also includes individual pieces and small items of various clothing such as softshell skirts, felted items, sheepskin-felted collars and other unique accessories made of natural materials. All products are manufactured in Finland and even in the Turku Area. We also aim for the highest degree of domesticity in the choice of materials.

The summer 2018 collection adds woolen linen to the online shop in addition to wool, with timeless classic colors.

Iberico has also imported Portuguese cavesons and other equestrian items, but is currently looking for domestic manufacturers. Contact us if you want to cooperate with us!

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