The theme of Katariina Cozmei‘s lessons is “Civilized Riding”, combining classical knowledge of old Masters with new research data and methods. The goal is to have a balanced pair where both the horse and the rider’s mind and body are balanced functional and active. It embodies elements of classical riding, academic riding, equestrian martial arts, working equitation, ethology and biology. Working Equitation is still a relatively new thing in Finland, you can find more information on the association’s website

In addition to these themes, we can work with liberty training, awareness skills on horseback, harmonising riders’s body and mind, showjumping in moderate level, side saddle riding and even trick training. On our first meeting we discuss about Your goals and dreams and see how we can help you to fulfill them! Katariina also provides help in stable and equestrian managing in terms of feeding, care, and other everyday welfare issues for equines and their owners.

Both private lessons and group lessons are available.

Iberico’s own stable in Raisio offers a full range of services: private / group lessons with own or Katariina’s horse, interaction training, special students and children, craniotherapy, archery…

Courses are tailored to the customer’s wishes. The theme course may take up to half a day, or even an entire weekend. Courses always include theoretical lessons. Practical exercises and theoretical lessons form a versatile combination, which also gives viewers a lot of tips for their own homework. Iberico farm in Raisio also provides half-day short courses on your own or Katariina’s horse as well as special inspiration evenings / days when the price also includes cranio-sacral therapy and teatime.

Katariina Cozmei regularly teaches horses and riders in the nearby Turku area, Satakunta, Pirkanmaa and a couple of times a year in Northern Finland. We are constantly updating Iberico FB page – check it out if there are courses or coaching events available at your neighbourhood. Welcome to the existing groups, or collect your own group from your stuff and join our happy team!

Online live lessons available via Skype! 30 min / 40€, PayPal. Book your own appointment

Also online videolessons available: send me your video of the task you want to improve (also archery) and I’ll check it, give advise and homework. 20€.